Bartender Spotlight

Fortaleza is a bartender's choice tequila

Bartenders describe their experiences with Tequila Fortaleza

“The reason that I love Fortaleza so much, is the fact that it’s truly the only hand-made tequila in existence. When I open up a bottle of Fortaleza, it smells like Jalisco.”

  – Randy Van Kamp, Cantina Mayahuel, San Diego

bayardo“It reminds me of home. It reminds me of my family and reminds me to never forget where I came from. It reminds me of hard work, tradition, and honesty. That’s why I try to go back every year I can.”

  – Bayardo De Murguia, Bartender, Dirty Laundry, Los Angeles

kiowa“With the demand for tequila rising everyday, it’s very easy for brands to consider cutting corners to increase production. Not the case with Fortaleza. Each time honored tradition is carried out with the utmost care.

From harvesting, to stacking, to cooking, to crushing the pinas – even the glass bottles are blown out individually – every step is carefully thought out and cherished. This is above all evident in the finished product. A creamy, vegetal, bright spirit that showcases the taste of the agave and the area in which is was grown.”

  – Kiowa Bryan, Bartender, Eveleigh, Los Angeles

“What I love about Fortaleza is that it’s all about the family, and they consider us [bartenders] part of their family as well. The education and love comes through with their tequila.”

  – Willem Van Leuven, General Manager, Puesto, San Diego

brian“From start to finish it is a truly artinsenal process. From the tahona pit, to the pine fermentation tanks, to the hand blown glass and hand painted Pina for a cap. Nuts to bolts a hand made spirit.”

  – Brian MacGregor, Bar Manager, Wingtip, San Francisco

jared“It’s not every day when the owner / distiller of a brand takes the time to come into your bar, shake your hand, and personally thank you for supporting their product.”

  – Jared Berry, Bar Manager, East Bay Spice Company, Berkeley

Erin Hayes“The trip to the Fortaleza distillery was one of the most formative industry trips I’ve ever taken. It says volumes when a brand is willing to host you not only in their own distillery, but bring you to others, even those seen as competitors. I learned so much about agave spirits and also made lasting relationships; truly a trip I will never forget.”

  – Erin Hayes, Bartender, Three Dots and a Dash, Chicago

“What makes Fortaleza really special to me is that, even after exponential growth of the brand, the process always stays the same.”

  – Carolyn Kissick, Tres, San Francisco