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Tasty Tequila Sazerac Recipe Using Fortaleza Añejo

Mixologist Dustin Haarstad of the Blind Tiger Cocktail Company shows Scarlet of how to make a Tequila Sazerac (Old Fashioned) with his tequila drink recipe. “A sazerac is the New Orleans version of a traditional Old Fashioned, which would normally use cognac or rye,” Haarstad said. It’s a great cocktail for people who prefer …

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“Heartland Smash” Recipe using Fortaleza Reposado

The always-entertaining Adam Stemmler of the East Bay Spice Company is constantly coming up with innovative tequila-based cocktails, and his “Heartland Smash” is no exception. It uses Fortaleza reposado tequila, muddled fruit, and lots of crushed ice. “It’s a basic play on a smash, which is a term that applies to anything that has muddled fruit or muddled herbs …

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Tequila Glazed BBQ Shrimp with Fortaleza Reposado

Grover from was in New York City just in time for a crazy heat wave. What better way to spend a 100+ degree day than to hover over a smokey BBQ grill, tequila in-hand, surrounded by friends? His friend and co-worker Andrew Fingerman  busted out a recipe using Fortaleza reposado and jumbo tiger prawns from …

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