Best New Spirit of 2020: Fortaleza Reposado Winter Blend 2019

Awarded by Tales of the Cocktail

Tasty Tequila Sazerac Recipe Using Fortaleza Añejo

Mixologist Dustin Haarstad of the Blind Tiger Cocktail Company shows Scarlet of how to make a Tequila Sazerac (Old Fashioned) with his tequila drink recipe. “A sazerac is the New Orleans version of a traditional Old Fashioned, which would normally use cognac or rye,” Haarstad said. It’s a great cocktail for people who prefer …

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“Heartland Smash” Recipe using Fortaleza Reposado

The always-entertaining Adam Stemmler of the East Bay Spice Company is constantly coming up with innovative tequila-based cocktails, and his “Heartland Smash” is no exception. It uses Fortaleza reposado tequila, muddled fruit, and lots of crushed ice. “It’s a basic play on a smash, which is a term that applies to anything that has muddled fruit or muddled herbs …

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Tequila Glazed BBQ Shrimp with Fortaleza Reposado

Grover from was in New York City just in time for a crazy heat wave. What better way to spend a 100+ degree day than to hover over a smokey BBQ grill, tequila in-hand, surrounded by friends? His friend and co-worker Andrew Fingerman  busted out a recipe using Fortaleza reposado and jumbo tiger prawns from …

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